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Asia stocks rise as China factories see steady growth, sterling soft

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Asian stocks climbed on Wednesday, capping a fifth consecutive month of gains, as data showed China’s factory activity grew at a steady clip this month, bucking expectations of a slowdown.

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Be: 15 Fresh Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses

Being a freelancer is cool, but it’s not without its challenges. While you usually have a great amount of freedom, you sometimes face challenges that office workers do not.

You still have deadlines to meet; some of which were particularly critical; and some of which are not anticipated. When your goal is to accomplish the maximum amount of work in the minimum amount of time, there are things you need to consider to make that happen.

Take Advantage of these Latest Be Theme Pre-Built Websites

These pre-built websites have been designed to help you turn out high quality work in a short amount of time. They come with the market’s fastest and most intuitive installer; as shown in this cool 40-second video.

Pre-built websites can save you a ton of time by allowing you to skip wireframing, prototyping, and coding.

15 Pre-Built Websites Examples

Be Craftbeer

Be Craftbeer

Large images on every page of this Craftbeer pre-built website helps to emphasize the product. A striking parallax effect is also put to good use, along with engaging JavaScript effects.

Be eLearning

Be eLearning

eLearning is all the rage these days. If you have an online business in this fast-growing niche, having a poorly designed website would be a shame. Try this fresh looking, easy to navigate pre-built website instead.

Be Tiles

Be Tiles

This pre-built website speaks of good interior design, with the product in the center and in the background as well. This professionally-designed layout could well have been the work of an architect.

Be Artist

Be Artist

Thinking about changing your website design to give it a more modern look and feel? This pre-built website template will help you do just that. You can leave the default design dark, or change it to any color you wish.

Be Burger

Be Burger

Be Burger offers a perfect website design solution for an online burger delivery service; or other catering services. Its hip design makes the product stand out in a way that will engage and help to convert the user.

Be Sports Club

Be Sports Club

The Sports Club pre-built website features a modern design that any health or fitness facility would be willing to spend money to feature on their website. Neat fade in animations and parallax effect add to the cool look.

Be Hotel 2

Be Hotel 2

This pre-built website for a hotel, with its stunning hero image and powerful message makes a viewer want to call for a reservation right away. All the relevant sections (a gallery, pricing, location, etc.) are included.

Be Restaurant

Be Restaurant

Just as is the case with the previous mentioned pre-built website, Be Restaurant’s clever design is made even more dashing and dynamic by a neat slider effect. Few if any other restaurants’ website designs can compare with this one.

Be Architect 2

Be Architect 2

It’s ability to provide a very interesting user experience is probably an understatement for this web design. It is built around different perspectives, and an ingenious use of design elements to create an engaging experience.

Be Boutique

Be Boutique

The background video in the hero section of this Be Boutique pre-built website is used to great effect. You can with do the same, plus the structure of this website is precisely what you need to create an engaging portfolio.



There’s no reason a corporate website, like this IT business’s website, can’t have a friendly look and feel. It’s well-structured, as you would expect in a tech site, but it also includes a casual twist – the human element.

Be Oculist

Be Oculist

When you spend time working in front of a computer, a visit to the eye doctor may not be far off. Website designs in this niche range from boring to horrible. You can change that with this pre-built website.

Be Furniture

Be Furniture

This great looking design, complete with slideshow, will make a great choice if you have a client in the furniture sales business. Be Furniture’s use of large images and its judiciously-designed layouts will make your work easy.

Be Car

Be Car

Be Car’s hero image conveys feelings of elegance and luxury. Plenty of white space throughout adds to these feelings, yet the layouts offer plenty of opportunities to get your message across.

Be Tea

Be Tea

Here’s a great way to start a project for a tea shop website. Note how the clever interactions between the image, the black menu, and the typography combine, to give this website a vintage look that is both charming and luxurious.

Set Up and Maintain a Regular Schedule

Working while not being under direct supervision makes it easy to slack off, even after having set up a work schedule. Establishing a work schedule is one of the first things a freelancer must do; having done so, it’s imperative to stick to it.

Home life needs to be considered to avoid potential conflicts, and it may take a few weeks to get into a rhythm. Don’t forget to include downtime in the schedule to avoid burnout.

Set Clear Boundaries Between Work and Home Life

One challenge a freelancer often faces is determining how to keep work habits from blending in with home life, and negatively affecting productivity. A two-fold approach is the most effective way in which to meet this challenge.

Number one: set aside a separate space for doing your work. Number two: Make yourself unavailable during working hours. And, don’t be afraid to stop working when you’re in the middle of something. You’ll usually find it easy to take up again where you left off.

Make It a Habit to Take Regular Breaks

Your brain is an energy sink and needs periodic breaks. Giving it those breaks can be a definite productivity booster. Apply the Pomodoro techniques, also referred to as the “tomato theory,” in which you periodically take short breaks during an extended working sessions.

Taking a 15-minute break roughly every 45 minutes is about right. You may be surprised to discover that you accomplish more taking breaks than if you’re in the habit of working straight through.

Summing It All Up

Do These Things:

  • Save time and energy by using Be Theme’s 250+ pre-built websites.
  • Establish a schedule; and religiously follow it.
  • Review what you’ve accomplished at the end of the day. It keeps you motivated.
  • Create a dedicated work space.
  • Make yourself unavailable during your work hours.

Avoid Doing These Things:

  • Working straight through without taking breaks. This habit can hurt your productivity.
  • Isolating yourself. Make an effort to find peers you can talk shop with.
  • Neglecting clients, colleagues or bosses. You don’t want to become invisible.

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Singapore's central bank fines Credit Suisse, UOB over 1MDB-linked transactions

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Singapore’s central bank said on Tuesday it had fined Credit Suisse and United Overseas Bank (UOB) a total of S$1.6 million ($1.15 million) for breaches of anti-money laundering rules for transactions related to Malaysia’s scandal-ridden state fund 1MDB.

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10 Free Minimal & Barebones Bootstrap Starter Templates

The Bootstrap framework is quite popular with web designers. It provides everything you need to get a design project off to a running start. Plus, it’s been created with mobile devices in mind.

On the downside, it seems like many sites using Bootstrap tend to have a similar look and layout. But that is more of a product of taking design shortcuts rather than an indictment on the framework itself. Going beyond the default styles is quite possible and much easier than you may think.

With that in mind, we went on a search for free Bootstrap templates that lean toward the barebones end of the spectrum. They offer a virtual clean slate and give you the power to customize both the look and layout as much as you’d like. So, instead of ripping apart an existing design, you can get straight to making your own mark.

You might also like these Free Bootstrap Dashboard Admin Templates.


Bare is designed to help you get started without any fuss. There are no fancy styles applied and it comes with predefined paths. The template works with Bootstrap 4 and sports a fixed top navigation.

Bare bootstrap template


Touted as both “Mini and Minimalist”, Simplex contains some basic styles that will provide you with a great starting point. You’ll find minimal navigation, buttons, typography, forms, containers and more goodies within this lightweight package.

Simplex bootstrap template


Understrap is a clever mix of Automattic’s Underscores barebones WordPress theme and Bootstrap. Thus, your next WordPress project can utilize Bootstrap without the excess bloat of a prebuilt theme. Understrap features Bootstrap 4, is compatible with the WordPress Customizer and supports WooCommerce.

Understrap bootstrap template


Initializr will generate a simple HTML template based on your requirements. Bootstrap 3.3.1 can be bundled right in with your template.

Initializr bootstrap template


Use Bootply to build your own custom Boostrap starter template. Using their online builder, you can make things as simple (or complex) as you’d like. There are options for different layouts, various sidebars (including off-canvas) and more.

Bootply bootstrap template

WP Bootstrap Starter

WP Bootstrap Starter is aimed at developers who want to build upon basic features to make their own custom theme. Like Understrap above, it’s based on Underscores. That means it’s lightweight and ready for full-on customization.

WP Bootstrap Starter bootstrap template


LayoutIt! is a tool featuring a drag-and-drop interface for quickly building Bootstrap-based templates. There are three base templates to choose from (Starter, Basic Marketing Site and Article). Once you’ve selected a template, you’ll be able to add elements such as grids, components and even JavaScript. You can have a basic, yet functional template set up within minutes.

LayoutIt! bootstrap template


A competitor to Undesrcores, Sage is a WordPress starter theme that comes with Bootstrap baked right in. The theme features task automation via gulp, and the ability to easily add front-end packages via Bower. Template markup is based on HTML5 Boilerplate.

Sage bootstrap template

Bootstrap 4 Starter Template

If you’re looking for dead simple way to start off a new site, WebNots has put together their own Bootstrap 4 Starter Template. Not only can you grab a copy of their template, there is also a handy guide for building your own.

Bootstrap 4 Starter Template bootstrap template

BS Starter

BS Starter provides the basics you’ll need to get up and running with your design project. The template features a full-width slider and is minimally styled. It gives you just enough to help you create your own look and layout.

BS Starter bootstrap template

Give Complex Templates the Boot

When embarking on a new project, you’re better off using a starter template that lets you make all of the important design decisions. That’s where these minimal and barebones options really shine. Instead of having a Bootstrap-based theme that simply looks like everyone else, you’ll have the flexibility to use the framework to create something unique.

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A bunch of cycling enthusiasts just helped Peloton Cycle raise $325 million — betting it could be 'the Apple of fitness'

Peloton, the indoor-fitness company, has raised $325 million from investors including Wellington Management, Fidelity Investments, Kleiner Perkins, and Comcast NBCUniversal.
The deal, likely to be the last financing round before the company goes public, was put

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Asia stocks edge up on firmer Wall Street, pound nurses losses

TOKYO (Reuters) – Asian stocks edged up on Monday, taking cues from Wall Street shares hovering around record highs, while the pound nursed losses after a poll showed a shrinking lead for Prime Minister Theresa May’s party in Britain’s upcoming elections. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan was

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The mother of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has died in a boating accident, and his father is in 'serious' condition

The parents of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick were both in a boating accident on Friday. His mother passed away, and his father is currently in the hospital in “serious” condition. The New York Times’ Mike

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Beijing bling: Hyundai plots China branding reboot after missile row

SEOUL/BEIJING (Reuters) – Bruised by anti-Korean sentiment in its biggest market and losing ground to local automakers, Hyundai Motor will open its first Chinese brand store, and may locally assemble its premium Genesis cars and accelerate the launch of a sport-utility vehicle (SUV), people familiar with the plans said.

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Wall St. drifts before long weekend; consumer stocks up

(Reuters) – U.S. stocks ended little changed on Friday ahead of the long holiday weekend, though indexes ended a two-week streak of losses and consumer shares were strong for a second day.

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Probe spots massive cyclones at the poles of Jupiter

The nature and scale of the storms are causing scientists to rethink what they thought they knew about the gas giant.

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