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Airline CEO predicts a future where 'we will pay you to fly'

Since taking to the air in 2014, WOW Air has become an increasingly disruptive force in ultra-low-cost long-haul international air travel.
The Icelandic carrier and its bright fuchsia planes have made waves with stunningly low prices.

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Exclusive: Toyota made UK investment decision after Brexit reassurances – sources

LONDON (Reuters) – The British government helped to secure a more than 240-million ($310 million) pound investment from Toyota in its English plant with a letter reassuring the Japanese carmaker over post-Brexit trading arrangements, two sources told Reuters.

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Scientists say ravens display foresight, a trait thought unique to apes

A series of experiments with ravens finds that the birds display the ability to think ahead and deliberately prepare for future events, adding to the growing body of evidence that intelligence has evolved more than once.

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