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10 Beautiful Colorful Logo Designs

Colors play such a huge part in branding and logo design. They have the power to evoke emotion, attract attention, and present a recognizable brand to the world.

Almost every prominent logo design incorporates some element of color that is synonymous with their company. Think McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, YouTube – the list goes on. The way in which color is applied ranges anywhere from a small splash of color, to a gradient-heavy, multicolored design.

Wherever they lie in between these two extremes, there are a wide range of inspiring and differing examples that have been carefully executed to provide a unique identity.

In this article, we’re going to look at a selection of ten of the most impressive and well-executed examples of these colorful logo designs.

1. 14 Islands

colorful logo design 14 Islands

By applying opacity techniques and bright, positive colors, 14 Islands’ logo has encompassed an upbeat and playful style for the brand.

2. January Moon

colorful logo design January Moon

Utilizing primary colors against mundane grey, January Moon has produced a beautiful logo design which is eye-catching with juxtaposition throughout.

3. Petals

colorful logo design Petals

Using unusual color combinations, heavy gradients and three-dimensional techniques, this logo design is incredibly eye-catching and visually impressive.

4. Vi Novell

colorful logo design Vi Novell

Vi Novell’s logotype is fairly simple. However, the way in which it’s combined with colorful visuals and packaging makes it impressive.

5. Queuing App

colorful logo design Queuing App

This logo for Queuing app uses a beautiful, subtle red to pink gradient. It blends seamlessly with the curved logo mark and works perfectly on the app icon and in inverted form.

6. ShopAround

colorful logo design ShopAround

Using a striking color combination of bright yellow and pink, ShopAround has created a logo which is impactful and follows a unique direction in terms of layout and composition.

7. Primary

colorful logo design Primary

Primary’s logo mark is almost reminiscent of a marble or piece of artwork. It blends a number of colors and gradients to create a dynamic logo which pairs beautifully with the simple typography.

8. Z Logo

colorful logo design Z Logo

The simple vector strokes of this Z logo are perfectly accentuated by the pink-to-purple gradient against the black background.

9. Neighbourhood

colorful logo design Neighbourhood

Almost erring on the side of the brutalism trend, Neighbourhood’s logo uses bright graphics and colors, all overlapping and contained within the serif typographic mark.

10. Popfn

colorful logo design Popfn

Popfn’s logo uses bold colors and subtle gradients to produce a stunning neon-style mark with both depth and visual interaction in the form of an impossible triangle.

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Our 10 Favorite WordPress Themes of 2017

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2017, it’s only natural that we look back at the year that was in a variety of design genres. Today, we’ll focus on the top WordPress themes released during the year.

While there are many ways to judge themes (looks, features, popularity, etc.), we’re going to be bold and simply say that we really like the ones on this list. They represent the spectrum of what’s available, from free to commercial, from barebones to feature-rich.

Here they are, in no particular order. Let’s celebrate our 10 favorite WordPress themes of 2017!

Minimal 20/17

Minimal 20/17 is a free child theme of the default WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme. It takes away some of the “excessive” padding of its parent, introduces a wider layout and adds in a couple of extra templates. This will save anyone wanting to build on top of the original a few steps.

Minimal 20/17


WoodMart is a commercial theme that focuses on WooCommerce shops. What really sets it apart are the advanced navigation features. Large, customizable mega menus make it a great fit for sites with a lot of product categories. Ajax product filtering enables customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. There’s something for just about every need here.


WP Generic

WP Generic may be free, but it’s got the look and feature set of a commercial theme (of course, there is the obligatory pro version as well). The theme works with the WordPress Customizer, allowing you to tweak colors and other settings to fit your needs. Overall it’s a very attractive and easy-to-read theme.

WP Generic

Course Builder

Course Builder aims to take advantage of the rise in sites using WordPress as a LMS (Learning Management System). It works in conjunction with the LearnPress plugin to help you build and sell online or offline courses. This commercial theme comes with several LearnPress premium add-ons, including plugins that work with various payment gateways, WooCommerce, Paid Memberships Pro and more.

Course Builder


CustomPress is a free theme that prides itself on being easy to customize. It’s also built for speed (based on the Milligram CSS framework) and compatibility with mobile devices. The look is clean and uncluttered.



Flexblog is further proof that blogging is still an important part of what WordPress does. And this commercial theme treats bloggers right, with lots of different layout options to suit their needs. You’ll also find different navigation/pagination styles, built in social sharing and compatibility with the WordPress Customizer.



Ariel brings an attractive, photo-centric style to blogging. The style isn’t overbearing – a welcome characteristic in this category. Included with the free theme are two slider styles, lots of sidebar options and social media icons. A pro version adds more customization options, post formats and other assorted goodies.


Get Skeleton

Get Skeleton is a free starter theme based on the popular _s (Underscores) and features the GetSkeleton CSS boilerplate. It’s meant for designers who want to create their own stunning theme, but want a solid foundation to build upon. So, no, it’s not going to win any beauty prizes out-of-the-box. It is, however, meant for serious development.

Get Skeleton


Skin shows us the fun side of WordPress themes. The design is unique and quite bold – although you can customize it to match your personality. It seems to be the perfect fit for the modern blog that’s looking to go viral. There’s lots of movement and animation, but the layout is still easy enough to follow. This one is definitely a different sort of commercial theme.



Cortex also lends itself to a more whimsically creative type of website. There are 17 home page layouts to choose from with this commercial theme – all are quite colorful. You’ll find several navigation options, including mega menus and a slide-out “hamburger” option.  Animation is also big here, with lots of floating objects to add a bit of flair to your content.


Looking Back…And Ahead

What did we learn from 2017? Well, blogging is still “in”. And developers are getting increasingly more playful with designs and features. That makes sense given the times we live in and the crowded market for themes.

But 2018 looks like it will be a whole other level of eventful when it comes to themes (and WordPress in general).  With the Gutenberg editor due to arrive, look for theme developers to race to ensure compatibility and add their own custom features based on it. It will be fascinating to see how the market adapts to this new way of creating and editing content.

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Top 12 Web-Based Color Tools for Web Designers

Picking the perfect color scheme shouldn’t be a miserable task. All you need are the right tools for the job and an eye for design.

I can’t help develop your eye for picking colors, but I can share a bunch of handy color tools that’ll likely improve your eye as you use them.

These tools are all 100% free, so they’re easy to bookmark and reuse time & time again. They can also work for web, mobile, print, or any other medium that needs incredible colors.

1. ColorHexa

colorhexa webapp

Recently I was browsing the web and stumbled onto ColorHexa. It’s by far one of the coolest color tools I’ve ever seen.

This isn’t technically a color generator or a scheme design tool. Instead, it’s an information library on all colors with suggested gradient ideas, related shades, and dozens of color codes(ex: hex, RGB, CMYK, CIE-LAB, HSL and more).

You’ll never find a more complete list of information on color. This is super useful for all designers, including web designers, and it’s a great place to start researching colors for your projects.

2. Colors.css


If you do some research into color psychology you’ll learn how different colors stack together & what sort of mood they give. This plays into contrast for certain types of colors and how they work together.

Every browser comes with default colors that are often too harsh. Colors.css fixes that.

It’s a free CSS library that restyles the default color palette. This means you can use color names like “blue” and “red” with totally different values.

They even have an entire accessibility page full of ideas for matching color schemes that’ll improve readability on your site.

3. ColorPick Eyedropper Extension

colorpick chrome addon

How often do you find a site with a beautiful color scheme? I find amazing sites all the time and it’s difficult to export those colors from the stylesheet.

You can use Chrome DevTools but this requires digging around in the code to pick out the hex colors. Instead you can use the ColorPick Eyedropper extension made exclusively for Google Chrome.

You just click the toggle window in the extensions panel, then hover any color you want to study. This gives you the full hex code along with a “copy” link to copy the exact color to your clipboard.

Pretty cool right? And it’s a free plugin, so there’s nothing to lose by trying it out.

4. Coolors

coolors webapp

The Coolors site is a large color scheme generator. You can find dozens of generators on the web, but this one’s a little different since it supports Adobe programs with its own add-on.

You can also get this as a Chrome extension or even as a custom iOS app for your phone.

Really the true value is in the browser webapp that auto-generates color schemes on the fly. You can then mix & match colors, change settings, adjust for color blindness, and randomize your own schemes based on certain criteria.

It’s a great application, but it comes with a small learning curve. Shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes to figure out how it all works.

5. Ambiance

ambiance color webapp

Ambiance is another color scheme site but it works a little differently. This one pulls color palettes from ColourLovers and displays them in an easy-to-consume style.

This means you’ll need to check the original link on Color Lovers to find more data about any particular scheme.

I still think Ambiance is a handy site to bookmark only because of its usability. This app is way more straightforward to use than Colour Lovers so it’s easier to pair colors together and get them working.

6. Material UI Colors

material ui colors

With a quick Google search you’ll find a bunch of sweet material design tools on the web. They seem never-ending and many of them rely on the color styles typically found in Android apps.

With the Material UI Colors webapp you can find perfect color schemes that match with Google’s material guidelines.

Easily change the tint of all colors with the slider in the top-left corner of the screen. Or randomize your selections to match an existing site’s color choices.

You can also switch between hex and RGB depending on whatever format you want. A great app for material design lovers.

7. Color Supply

color supply webapp

The Color Supply website is pretty unique but also very strange. It gives you a bunch of interesting color tools for matching color schemes, picking the foregrounds & backgrounds, plus different ways to compare how those colors would look on a page.

But this doesn’t have any guide or specific purpose. It acts like a color scheme generator that you have to just kind of learn as you go.

It will output different colors with hex codes near the bottom of the page to copy. Plus it’ll show you how those colors work in a gradient, in icons, and with text. Nice tool but it comes with an awkward learning curve.

8. Color Safe

color safe wcag app

The WCAG works hard towards a more accessible web. Color is one of the easiest ways to build your accessibility without losing time testing.

Color Safe is a free webapp that can test your color choices. You pick from a small set of fonts & sizes, then pick whatever colors you want for your foreground & background.

From there you’ll get an accessibility rating along with suggestions on how to improve your color choices(if needed).

Really great tool for anyone concerned about accessibility on the web.

9. Color Hunt

color hunt webapp

For a user-curated gallery of color schemes take a look at Color Hunt.

This free project was launched a couple of years back and continues to be a source of design inspiration. People submit their own color schemes into the site, then others vote on those color schemes.

You can sort by newest or by most popular and even vote on your favorites. Pretty cool right?

It’s an extremely simple web app so don’t expect too many features. It’s just a neat way to visually browse through many different color patterns at once.

10. Open Color

open colors webapp

Looking for something a little more web-friendly? Then check out the Open Color library.

This is a massive open source collection of color choices built around accessibility and browser support. Each color has been optimized for easy matching regardless of your layout’s design.

Check out the GitHub repo for more info and to download a copy of the styles.

11. HTML Color Codes

html color codes generator

HTML Color Codes is another info-focused color webapp.

This lets you pull all forms of HTML/CSS code for your color choices right from the app. You can search for any color you want, or go by their recommendations. Plus this even has a tool for generating color palettes that you can download as Adobe Swatch files.

Don’t let the name fool you: this app is for more than just HTML color.

It’s a brilliant tool for digital designers of all types who want easy access to color codes and reusable palettes.

12. Adobe Color CC

adobe color cc webapp

I can’t pass over the incredible Adobe Color CC webapp.

This free tool used to be called Adobe Kuler but it’s gone through a few iterations over the years. It’s still a free color picker but the interface has changed to make it easier for designers to build & save color schemes.

If you’re an Adobe user this tool is worth bookmarking. It supports up to 5 different colors in one scheme, and you can even upload images to pull dynamic color schemes automatically.

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Beautiful Examples of Graphical Backgrounds in Mobile App Design

Graphical backgrounds have been an emerging trend in mobile design over the last year. It entails incorporating some form of visuals behind the primary content. Typically this area tended to be left untouched, aside from color variations.

Going back further, we used to see the use of subtle background patterns such as linen which was popular in earlier iOS releases. Now we see some more refined examples of what can be achieved with graphical backgrounds.

In this article we are going to look at a selection of the most elegant and most beautiful examples of graphical backgrounds across both iOS and Android app design.

Diamonds App III

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

This app combines purple and gold diamond shapes to provide visual impact as well as contrast behind buttons and active tab elements.

Custom Weather Forecast

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

This custom weather app utilizes refined background graphics to emphasize the current forecast. The graphics are minimal but offer a balance without being too overwhelming.

TODO App UI- Day 3

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

This todo app uses overlapping gradient shapes behind the app content. They are subtle enough not to draw too much attention away from the content while offering some impressive visuals.

Boarding pass animation

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

This boarding pass app goes all-out with their graphical background designs. They include carefully-placed imagery to offer some visual cues while keeping the main content areas clean of any conflicting graphics.

Best of Banking iOS app

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

This subtle implementation is one of the finest examples. While it doesn’t span the entire screen, it serves as a background to the primary content. The colors are vibrant and perfectly in keeping with the brand and remainder of the user interface design.

Storytelling Community App

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

This design implements a combination of gradients and subtle brand graphics for the backgrounds. They are impressive against the cards and typography.

Login Qonto Android

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

Qonto’s background graphics are one of the more minimal examples. However, the wave-like bottom section of the background offers great visual interest and blends seamlessly with the navigation and device color.

Property Developer Finder Mobile App

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

Another more subtle implementation is this background from Property Developer Finder. It uses a giant circular gradient object encompassing large cropped typography.

Strelka App

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

Strelka’s banking app contains one of the most vibrant background visuals. It has been able to experiment this way due to the small quantity of overlaying content. The high-contrast credit card designs work beautifully against this background.

Xplr App

 Graphical Backgrounds App Design Inspiration

Another app to use a full-width, full-height gradient background is this by Xplr. The pink-to-blue gradient is beautiful and uses a range of circular stroke objects throughout for added effect.

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2017: The Year in WordPress

WordPress is always on the move, with new features, top plugins and themes pushing new boundaries. But 2017 has been, in particular, a noteworthy one for the open source CMS.

Sure, we’ve had our usual major releases – which we’ll get to in a bit. Beyond that, 2017 has stood out for the massive kerfuffle caused by something that’s not even officially part of the core software just yet.

Let’s take a look back at this landmark year in the world of WordPress:

Gutenberg Prints Up Controversy

Indeed, the still-in-the-works Gutenberg editor has been the biggest thing to hit WordPress since… maybe WordPress itself. For those not familiar with Gutenberg, it’s a fully redesigned and reimagined editing experience that is expected to be included in WordPress 5.0. Until then, you can take it for a test drive via an available plugin.

From what I’ve gathered, there aren’t a whole lot of people out there who are so in love with the current WordPress editor that they don’t want to see it go (although, it’s supposed to stick around in plugin form after WP 5.0 is released). But there has been much debate regarding whether or not the block-based Gutenberg is in the best interest of the WordPress community at large.

There are concerns about how it will affect custom meta boxes, the manner in which it handles data, its plan to use React (which it abandoned due to a licensing issue – although the licensing cleared up) and just about everything else. It’s hard to make a change this big without inciting some panic – legitimate or not. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg , along with project leaders Matías Ventura and Andrew Roberts have sought to calm nervous members of the community.

Things have improved as the plugin version of the editor has added features and fixes on a weekly basis. And communication (one of the biggest issues in the early days of the project) between those creating the editor and those who will be using it has also gotten better. The bottom line is that Gutenberg is simply “too big to fail”. So many people use WordPress and have customized the back end. It makes no sense that those on the development team would allow massive amounts of websites to break. I’m optimistic that they’ll try and keep any potential issues to a bare minimum.

Gutenberg has already been a huge story among developers. But in 2018, look for it to repeat as the most popular topic. Only this time, the entire user base will be part of the discussion. That will be the determining factor on whether or not this project is a success.

Two Major Releases

Two Major Releases

2017 saw two major releases of WordPress:

Version 4.8, code named “Evans”, was released on June 8. This version focused on usability issues – especially with those long-in-the-tooth widgets. For years, the standard Text Widget had been bent and abused by users attempting to make it a fit for images or other media. Heck, formatting text even required the use of HTML code. 4.8 changed this with the addition of the Image, Video, Audio and Rich Text Widgets. This makes widgets easier to use and hopefully keeps them relevant to designers and content managers.

The other usability feature worth mentioning is the addition of link boundaries in the visual editor. This makes it much easier to see where a specific link begins and ends.

WordPress 4.9, “Tipton”, was released on November 16. The big to-do here is the improvements to the WordPress Customizer. It now allows for scheduling of design changes through the Customizer – the same as we’ve been doing with posts for years. Also added in are preview links that you can send to others – letting them see changes before they officially go live.

The theme and plugin code editor saw improvements such as error checking, syntax highlighting and a warning to users before touching code. And widgets continued their comeback with a new Gallery Widget and the addition of the Add Media button. Finally, we can add media to widgets without the need for writing HTML.

Malicious Code Found in Popular Plugins

One of the lesser-known stories of the year was that a rash of popular plugins were found to contain malicious code. The main source of the problem was that multiple plugins, including Display Widgets, Fast Secure Contact Form and SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam had been sold to someone with less-than-pure intentions. Each of these plugins contained code that, unbeknownst to the user, would add spam posts to their websites.

Then in November, the Animated Weather Widget plugin was found to contain code that would mine a user’s computer for crypto currency.

While these incidents were somewhat isolated, it’s still a major concern. The fact that a previously trusted plugin can be turned into something harmful is something we all need to take seriously. Hopefully, 2018 brings us better ways to ensure that the plugins we install are safe.

Top WordPress Articles and Tutorials

Throughout the year, a number of outstanding WordPress articles and tutorials were published. Here are a few of our favorites:

Which WordPress Framework Should You Choose?
The many advantages of using a theme framework and an overview of popular choices.

Creating Better, Faster And More Optimized WordPress Websites
Some great advice on making your site the best it can be from the perspective of a web hosting firm.

How to Properly Add JavaScripts and Styles in WordPress
Adding scripts and styles is one of the most misunderstood aspects of theme development.

Principles of Secure WordPress Code
Writing secure code is an essential part of keeping your WordPress website’s data safe.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Development With WP-CLI
Using the command line to run common tasks such as plugin updates can save you loads of time.

40 Cheatsheets & Reference Guides for WordPress
A collection of resources that covers everything from the basics to hardcore theme and plugin development.

Musings on a Decade of WordPress
Tom McFarlin’s observations of almost ten years in WordPress from themes, to plugins, news, education and more.

Best Practices for Managing Multiple WordPress Sites
Dealing with more than one WordPress site can be difficult. Here are some tips for keeping everything running smoothly.

Interview with Matt Mullenweg on the WordPress ecosystem
A timely look at what’s happening with WordPress, featuring the man himself.

How the REST API is Helping WordPress Evolve
The REST API is still an important piece of the puzzle for the future of WordPress.

A Banner Year…With More to Come

If WordPress were a sport, we might say that the bigger stories were the ones “away from the field”. The actual core software releases of the past year have been steady and stable, if not earth-shattering.

However, 2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting year. There is still much uncertainty about Gutenberg and the upcoming WordPress 5.0 – except that we know they’re coming. It’s been said that 5.0 won’t ship out until Gutenberg is completely ready for prime time. That’s the absolute right strategy. WordPress is way too important and backwards compatibility is too much of a necessity for anything to be rushed out the door.

Perhaps we’ll look back at 2017 as more of a transitional year in the history of WordPress: One that is setting up for something really big to come.

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75 Amazing Gifts for Designers for Under 100$

We have collected 75 fantastic Christmas gifts for all you creative designers out there. And best of all, all of the gifts are affordable, with prices ranging from $10 to $100!

Ready? Let’s get started with our 2017 gift guide!

Timeless Clock Coaster


Timeless clock coasters

Never worry about time when you are with friends. Stacking these coasters introduces a different design.

Keyboard Coaster


Keyboard coaster

A simple coaster that will complement any kind of laptop or desktop on any kind of table.

USB Flash Drive 64 GB – Credit Card


USB flash drive credit card

Finally, a flash drive that can fit in your wallet! Gift for computer programmer friend?

Newton’s Cradle – 4.5 Inch, Contemporary


Newtons cradle

Aside from Newton’s Cradle being a cool addition to any desk, it also has a calming effect, which many web designers need several times a day.

iPad Paper Pad


iPad paper pad

Not an iPad, but an iPad Paper Pad. Just a cool pad to jot down anything, including paper prototyping – give this as a present!

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball


Stress buster punching ball

Ah, yes, instead of punching a client or the boss, punch this ball instead. Or save your laptop from your wrath. Help save a friend or yourself from unemployment with this neat present!

Moleskine Folio Notebook


Moleskin folio notebook

One of the safest gifts to give to any professional, trust me. Writers, web designers and developers, marketers, you name it. All of them need a notebook.

Rhodia Grid Designer Book


Rhodia grid notebook

A perfect pad for designers. It has subtle dots that form grids for symmetrical sketches.

Mug Warmer


Mug warmer

Web designers tend to focus on their designs while their coffee gets cold…no more! Maybe your other half is an addicted coder, he will appreciate this mug warmer as his gift for sure!

Phillips Hue


Philips hue

Wireless personal lighting for your office or room that can be controlled using smartphones or tablets. No need to stand up just to turn off the lights. Hue, hue, hue.

Rechargeable USB Batter Pack


Battery pack – hand turbine

Now this backup battery pack is so cool because it comes with hand turbine power generator. Even if you don’t have access to electricity, you can generate power yourself!

Gadget addicts as designers definitely will love to get this as a gift on any occasion!

Pantone CAPSURE Color Matcher


Pantone capsure

Scan and capture colors and integrate on your design programs. It’s not sci-fi, it’s Pantone CAPSURE color matcher!

The Web Designer’s Idea Book


Web designers idea book

From the best selling series, this third installment of The Web Designer’s Idea Book is a must-have for every web designer – from beginners to masters.

MOMA MUJI 36 Colored Pencils


MOMA MUJI colored pencils

The best gift for designers and young creatives in general, including art students.

Social Media Pillows


Social media pillows

A perfect gift for social media enthusiasts and web designers. Why? Because no one can resist these fluffy pillows in today’s social media world!




Many web designers never see this mythical place called The Outside. Bring this Outside atop their desk! Get it here.

Retro Wired Headset


Retro wired headset

It’s not like someone will actually use this thing, but it’s a great gift nonetheless. Check it here.

Skullcandy Headphone


Skullcandy headphones

For the web designer who loves music, just take a look at those colors! Click here.




Ever wished of having an extra hand just to hold your phone where you want it to? Well, Spiderpodium solves that! You can twist its arms in several different ways to either make your phone stand on its own, cling to a railing, hang on your bike, and several more usages, the only limit is your imagination.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design


The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

A great book as an amazing gift for beginners and people looking for direction in the web design industry.

3. Don’t Make Me Think


Don’t Make Me Think

The purpose of every design is to make it intuitive as much as possible, not just for desktops but also for mobile devices. This book tackles fresh perspectives on how web usability should be done. Check it here.

64GB SanDisk Memory Card


64 GB SanDisk memory card

The most popular memory card on Portable, it can save up to 64GB of data. A perfect gift for photographers, web designers, graphic artists, and just about anyone.

LED Fluorescent Message Board


LED fluorescent message board

A great addition to anyone’s nightstand either for cheer notes or for a to-do list the next morning. Be sure to check LED fluorescent message board.

Plasma Lightning Heart


Plasma Lightning Heart

Dazzling lightning patterns respond to touch and sound. Electric currents are transformed into rays of light that dance around the inside of a handcrafted glass heart. The plasma lightning can also be manipulated by the touch of your fingertips or the vibrations from music and other noise. This unique decoration is a fun addition to parties – place on a stereo speaker and watch the lightning respond to the sound.

Sony (4:3) Digital Photo Frame (Black)


Digital photo frame

Beautifully display your favourite pictures at home with the easy-to-use 8″1 LED backlit digital photo frame. Enjoy your photos as single images or as a slideshow using a variety of transition effects. For added convenience, you can even view a clock or calendar along with your pictures.

Docking Station


Converge Docking Station

A modern and neat Quirky Converage docking station for charging that will look great beside a Mac computer. Amazing gift for creative friend, who loves his gadgets.

MOMA Perpetual Calendar


Moma Perpetual Calendar

Another perpetual calendar. The first one was more of a natural and retro type while this one is modern and borderline sci-fi.

One of the best gifts for designers in my opinion!

Inkling Bamboo


Inkling Bamboo

Inkling Bamboo is effective for sketching and taking notes. The best part? Every stroke you make is recorded and can then be converted for digital use on Photoshop. Graphic designers would love to get their hands on this!

Boogie Board LCD Tablet


Boogie Board

I’m pretty sure that anyone who has enjoyed Etch-a-Sketch will find this gadget absolutely lovely. In fact, I just ordered one for my geek friend!

Pen Zen Bamboo Desk Organizer


Pen Zen Bamboo Desk Organizer

An organized desk reflects an organized mind, do you agree?

Cordies Cable Organizer


Cordies – Cable organizer

You don’t need to worry again with your cables being tied together. Maintain a neatly organized work space with this product.

3. Hedgehog and Pig Card Holder


Hedgehog and Pig cardholder

Hedgehog made of silicon that will help you hold your business cards in place.

Logitech Wireless Trackball


Logitech wireless trackball

We asked around and found out that this is the best mouse for designers. It has no lag, it’s very much responsive, built for comfort, and has several functions like back and forward navigations, a programmable button, thumb controlled trackball, and many more that no standard mouse has.

Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard


Sculpt keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard to help web designers protect their hands because it’s the only pair they will have for the rest of their lives!

Natico Ultimate Executive Decision Maker


Natico decision maker

Admit it, web designers are funnily crazy, and as a friend to one, you need to feed them with more crazy fuel! Natico decision maker, perfect!

Floppy Disk Sticky Notes


Floppy disk sticky notes

Go old school with these sticky notes! I guess this is the saying “Only 90s kids will get this.” come into play!

Floating Shelf


Floating shelf

A great home or office decoration! Stylish gift for graphic designers who appreciate attention to detail and simplicity. Check it here.

Portal 2 Sentry Turret – Motion Activated Desk Defender


Motion activated desk defender

Because every sane web designer has to protect their desks from intruders, right?? Order it here.

Magnetic Sculptures – Dolphins


Magnetic sculptures – dolphins

A great toy/design to tinker around to let the creative juice flow in during slow days.

3. Pantone Formula Designer Guide


Pantone formula designer guide

The BEST gift you can give to any designer, especially the ones who don’t bring their computers with them all the time!

Macbook Stand


Macbook stand

I really have no idea what’s the practical use for this stand, but I’ll include it here since it looks sleek and gifts should look sleek.

Pixelated Hand Shaped Mouse


Pixelated hand shaped mouse

It’s very ironic for a web designer to have this, yet I’m pretty sure they will love this. Ironic how? Many designers hate seeing individual pixels on their screens! Get yours here.

6. Coffee Cup Mist Humidifier


Coffee cup mist humidifier

A web designer friend lives or works in an arid place? That’s bad for the skin! Help combat this situation by giving them a humidifier!

Cyber Cleaning


Cyber clean

Well, keyboards won’t clean themselves, no? Cyber clean will help you.

Sauna Boy Portable Humidifier


Sauna boy

A much cuter humidifier, I have nothing else to add. I want this. Great gift for designers.

Adult Coloring Planner for 2016


Adult coloring planner

I can guarantee you every graphic or web designer will love this planner for year 2016. This will inspire designers to create, sketch something awesome themselves. Make your designer friend happy with this amazing gift!

Paper Email


Paper email notes

A fancy way to send notes to friends and colleagues, but personally I’ll use it to make fun of others. Get yours here.

3. i-Bridge Premium Desk Organizer


iBridge desk organizer

A neat desk organizer for any office or home office. It has a cup holder, a dock for phones, two USB ports, and an amazing…paper holder.

Mobile WebDesigner’s Idea Book


Mobile Webdesigner’s Idea Book

A spin-off of The Web Designer’s Idea Book, a best-selling series that focuses on great web designs. A book series that every web designers NEED to have.

External Battery Pack for Most Smartphones and Tablets


External battery pack

Because running out of battery is a very, very, scary thing, right? You’ll never know when you will need one! Check it here.

6. Doctor Who Vinyl Decal


Doctor Who Vinyl Decal

Doctor Who fans will love this decal quote in the form of TARDIS.

Masters of Poster Design


Masters of Poster Design

Very cool posters to design a rather plain room. Give that room some attitude!

Aroma Home Screen Wipe


Aroma Home Screen Wipe, Gorilla

Fun screen wipes with a chamois tummy will clean and reduce static on computer monitors, laptops and LCD screens. It has a zest of lemon fragrance which improves mental clarify and focus.

Don’t forget to share your gift ideas for other readers to see.

Balcony Desk


Balcony Desk

For the fresh air and sun lovers. Balcony desk is extremely useful if your web designer friend has a balcony, of course.

Blue Heart Rate Monitor


Heart rate monitor for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C & 4S and iPads

Web designers spend most of their day sitting. That’s bad for their health. Help them be healthier starting from their special day by making exercise fun!

With this heart rate monitor for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C & 4S and iPads, web designers will run several miles just to break their own records. Because, you know, web designers are competitive people!

1. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog Cards


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog cards

This is an awesome typeface memory game for silent holiday days. Kit includes the main terms used in typography as well as about the evolution of type design.

Must have gift for any graphic or web designer!

Bright Feet Slippers


Bright Feet Slippers

A perfect gift for both single and married people. With Bright Feet Slippers you don’t have to turn on the lights just to go to the restroom!

3. Water Dancing Speakers


Water dancing speakers

Add some flair to your music! I’m pretty sure that designers will love this gift. Music with colors!

RC Helicopter


RC Helicopter

A real flying toy helicopter. I mean, come on, I’m pretty sure that deep inside your heart you want one since you were a kid.

Beer Glass


Beer Glass

Alcohol boosts creativity, right? Get you Beer Glass here.

6. Quadcopter



Quadcopters are the cool new toys of the modern world. Everyone will want this! I bet you will get your hands on this one instead of giving it as a gift.

Car Mount Holder for iPhone


Car Mount Holder for iPhone

Not all cars have mounts for iPhones. And with this holder you can now use iPhone as a GPS.

8. Kindle



This is one of the earliest generations of Kindle, and it’s actually the best Kindle at $69. In my opinion, Kindle Fire is less useful. If you’re planning on buying a Kindle, be sure to check older versions like this one.

Robotic Ball for iOS and Android



Something fun to have. A robotic ball that runs on Android and iOS, you can control it remotely. Purpose? Fun!

Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep and Heart Rate Monitor


Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep and Heart Rate Monitor

Are you sleeping well? Is your heart pumping like it’s supposed to? Sleep and heart problems are common to web designers because they just sit most of their working hours…and while at home. Check it out here.

1. DC Super Heroes Pop Up Book


DC Super Heroes pop-up book

If your friend is really geeky and is into DC super heroes, give him this awesome popup 3D book. It consists of 25 impressive popup openings – best gift for geeks!

BoldLoft Pillows


BoldLoft Pillows

Let your pillow talk be your pillow talk with these “Say I Love You” pillowcases. Whether you are together or a distance apart, they are perfect for reminding you both to say I love you each and every night and each and every day.

3. Reasons I Love You Stones


Reasons I love You Stones

The reasons are infinite, and now nine of them are etched in stone. One side of each brushed-nickel token says “I love you” and the other bears a compelling reason, from “because you’re an inspiration” to “because I just do!” and “for always getting my jokes.” Comes in a red faux-suede pouch. Stones: approx. 1 3/8″L. Exclusively from RedEnvelope.

A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek


A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek

Are you dating a geek? Find out just how geeky he is in The Geek Test. Learn how to cope with his geekiness in sections such as: “Getting What You Want” and “How to Exercise Your Geek.” Also, discover how to plot revenge, diagnose common geek ailments, and find the perfect gift for your geek. Take a deeper look into the world of geeks with My Life Among the überGeeks and My Life Among the Gamers. Read case studies, examine graphs, peruse the Geek Dictionary, and more in: A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek.

Ctrl, Esc Key Cufflinks


Ctrl, Esc cufflinks

Ctrl Esc cufflinks, for the classy web designer that can’t go anywhere without wearing his/her identity.

There’s No Place Like Home Shirt


There’s no place like home T-shirt

Web designers and developers, including geeks will love this shirt. There’s no place like home!

Newspaper Pattern Laptop Carry Case


Newspaper pattern laptop carry case

Simple and amazing gift for female web designers. Keeping the spirit of fancy fashion wherever they go!

Oh, Crop – Lady Designer T-Shirt


Oh crop Lady designer T-Shirt

A good shirt for everyday use or for the gym…tell everyone you know how to design with humor!

Luxury Brand Designer iPhone Case


iPhone designer luxury case

Almost all designers and creatives use an iPhone, you know? This will be a must have gift for iPhone users, I bet they don’t know this case even existed!

T-Shirt I know HTML


I know HTML t-shirt

Another t-shirt that tells the whole world the wearer knows HTML – how to meet ladies. Talk about walking advertisement!

Funny CSS Designer Shirt


CSS shirt

One of the few effective web design pickup lines! Check it here.

9. Tattify Metallic Jewellery And Quotes Temporary Tattoos


Temporary tattoos for lady designers

These temporary tattoos will be an amazing gift for every lady – especially creatives and designers!

8-Bit Sunglasses


8 bit sunglasses

8-bit sunglasses to help you protect your eyes while looking like a geek!

Sculpted Jewellery Tree


Sculpted Jewellery Tree

Elegant? Yes. Lovely gift? Yes. Although as a pre-requisite you should also buy her tons of rings and necklaces and other jewellery. You can get it here.

Heart Travel Alarm Clock


Heart Travel Alarm Clock

“What time is it? Oh!” Sweetheart comes to mind. Will it not be sweet to give your partner this? I’d love to have one! You can get it here.

8-Bit Tie


8-bit Tie

Silk-like Microfibre construction, clip on* (for easy dressing and t-shirt wear if needed), and custom designed tie for you. You’ll be the envy of the office or, at least, you’ll get tons of attention. You’ll be just like Mario when he wore a tie to meetings when negotiating his contact with Nintendo. Sure the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 are out there with all their super technology, but sometimes it’s nice to remember the beginnings of the video game revolution. Viva la 8-Bit!

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The Mobile App Design Trends that Defined 2017

Mobile app design has made for an exciting and diverse 2017. More than ever, there seems to be a split between extreme minimalism, and apps that use an abundance of depth, gradients, and styling.

There’s also been a further shift toward more emphatic typography with the release of iOS 11. As 2017 draws to a close, we’ll begin to see which of these trends lasts. We’ll find out whether the stylistic direction can continue to oppose iOS, which is seemingly continuing to move away from almost all instances of stylistic detail and gradients.

In this article, we’re going to look at the main trends in mobile app design that defined the year 2017.

Emphatic Typography

Emphatic Typography

Initially introduced in iOS 10, emphatic title typography was rolled out across almost all default apps in iOS 11 earlier this year. Since then it’s been adapted by designers across not just mobile, but web as well. It entails using a more visual approach to titles, signaling a shift away from the previous small, centered type.

Material Design was already a step ahead in this regard, often pushing for designers to use large left-aligned title text in circumstances where displaying breadcrumbs or information such as a name.

Read more about typography design trends in mobile app design.

Extreme Minimalism

VSCO was one of the earliest apps to adopt this design direction. It centers around a minimalist philosophy which does away with some key user experience aspects. It’s a highly visual design which strips the interface back to its very bare bones.

Extreme Minimalism

There are almost no buttons, no accompanying text with icons, and no depth elements. It makes for a neat visual experience, particularly in photography apps.

However, the often poor user experience and ambiguous icons may see this trend revert back to something more balanced and user-friendly over time.

Subtle Depth

Subtle depth elements were initially promoted within Material Design as a means to provide greater contrast and understanding for users. Since then, designers have adapted them in beautiful ways, including using large, expanded versions, and adding colors to the shadowing.

Subtle Depth

It makes for some incredibly neat effects, and even Apple is beginning to introduce them in small ways across default apps like App Store.

Bright Gradients

Bright gradients are rarely seen across default iOS or Android apps. However, 2017 has seen them used in abundance across mobile app designs and on sites like Dribbble. It entails using bright gradient blues, purple, yellows, and other emphatic, eye-catching palettes.

Bright Gradients

It can make for some highly visual and attractive results when applied to background graphics, buttons, and other user interface elements.

Card-Based Layouts

Card-Based Layouts

Devised by Material Design, 2017 has seen card-based layouts become very much the norm for structuring a content-based mobile user interface.

Apple has similarly begun to introduce card-based layouts in its most important apps like App Store and via other user interface elements such as notifications. It makes for a well-structured basis to display content in a user-friendly and versatile manner.

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Free CSS Grid Tools & Resources For Developers

The grid is a staple of every webpage. Whether you realize it or not, your layout runs on a grid.

Most designers and developers opt towards frontend frameworks that come packaged with a grid system. This is wildly helpful because it saves time manually coding your own.

The downside is adding more files to your page and increasing HTTP requests. That’s why building your own grid sometimes makes sense – but not by hand.

These tools should prove wildly helpful for anyone serious about grid design. They’re all free and they all work right in your browser so all you need is some Internet and a bit of patience.

YUI Grid Builder

yui grid builder

YUI is a user interface kit that features a great design style with reusable assets. Their team also released a handy YUI Grid Builder completely separate from the YUI framework.

As of this writing it seems the YUI library has been discontinued, yet the grid builder lives on. It’s hosted for free on GitHub so you can bet this likely won’t ever be taken down.

All you do is enter your max layout content width, total columns, and type of layout design(usually fluid). This also means you’ll want to design for responsivity using proper CSS breakpoints to handle smaller devices.

Overall a great tool that even offers a cool preview to help visualize your grid in action.

Responsive Grid Calculator

responsive calculator

This Responsive Grid Calculator is yet another webapp for generating your grid’s design.

I find this one a bit more complex to learn, but the interface is also somewhat “cleaner” in how you copy/paste your codes.

Just select the total number of columns and your margin percentage size. The calculator outputs all your raw HTML/CSS code using percentages so you can forever use this as a fluid grid layout. Pretty cool right?


responsify webapp

For the true visual designers out there you’ll adore Responsify.

It’s again entirely free to use and works right in your browser. However this tool is perfect for generating a grid without just looking at numbers and percents.

As you update the columns and gutters you can see the changes in real time on the page.

Don’t like your new changes? Roll it back until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

CSS Grid Template Builder

css grid template builder

CodePen is full of glamorous snippets and neat little webapps that are truly superb. Most of that stuff you won’t find anywhere else online.

This cool template builder created by Anthony Dugois is a beautiful example of creativity in action. The whole thing runs in JavaScript but it’s not really meant for geeking out to JS code.

This is a fully-functioning grid generator with auto-updating visuals on the page.

If you’re gonna use this webapp be sure to save the fullview version. This gives you more room to work and arrange a grid to suit your needs.

gridcalculator webapp

Easy of use and simplified inputs best describe the webapp.

This tool works much like other calculators where you enter the data for your grid and get a live preview of the final result. But this calculator has one thing that others don’t: exportable grids.

You can save your grid as a PNG file, or export the design for Photoshop & Illustrator. This tool is best used by designers who want to create mockups using grids, but don’t want to recreate new grids every time.


gridlover webapp

Cloud-based IDEs are quickly becoming the new norm for frontend coding. They’re handy for testing ideas and quickly bootstrapping new layouts from any computer.

Gridlover is one such example of a webapp that lets you write code directly from your browser.

But this one focuses primarily on grid design for typography and page layouts. By default it auto-fills text into the HTML and gives you a template for the CSS.

You can edit this to suit your needs and to support pretty much anything. The visual gridlines also make it super easy to plan your typography for maximum readability.

Grid by Example

grid by example webapp

Whether you’re an experienced developer or a novice just getting started, Grid by Example is a super handy resource to save.

It’s kind of like an online library of grid styles that you can study, clone, and repurpose for whatever you need. The whole thing feels incredibly simple to browse through, and the live previews are fantastic.

All of the demos are hosted on CodePen, so you have full access to the raw HTML/CSS code.

Take a look at their design patterns for grid ideas to use in future web projects.

Zurb CSS Grid Builder

zurb css grid builder

Zurb’s playground offers quite a few nifty tools from animation editors to custom newsletter templates. One of my favorite tools is the grid builder with automated code output.

You get to see a live preview of the grid right from your browser along with highlighted columns for a stronger effect.

It’s the ultimate tool for rapidly prototyping grids from scratch. And these grids can even tie into the Foundation framework if you’re planning to build a site with Zurb’s frontend library.


gridley webapp

Super simple and pretty straightforward, Gridley couldn’t be any more minimalist if it tried.

With just a single page and a few input fields you can quickly generate grid codes for your layout. The final output CSS appears on a new page which I find a tad annoying. But the final code is clean which is always a plus.

There’s even a help page for getting started with this framework and learning the ropes from scratch.

CSS Grid Demo – New Terminology

css grid demo layout

Lastly I want to wrap with a beautiful grid demo hosted on CodePen. This shows just how much you can do with a pure CSS grid and some knowledge of frontend languages.

This isn’t a web app or something that can generate custom grids. But it does work as a resource for studying CSS grids and learning to apply these techniques into your work.

Check out the full view to see the whole page and feel free to fork this pen to play with your own custom grid ideas.

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Hi-Res Christmas Mockup Scene Generator – only $14!

It’s the season to start generating mockups! Now you can easily show off your logo, branding or designs in a variety of Xmas Mockup Scenes.

With this scene generator, you can easily slot in your designs to realistic mockups, along with a variety of Christmas-themed elements.

Buy the Xmas Mockup Scene Generator for Only $14!


  • Create beautiful hi-res scenes – 5200 X 3600 px.
  • Simple to paste in your designs using Smart Objects.
  • Loaded with Christmas elements – tinsel, stockings, lights, trees, bells, and more.
  • Build stylish customized scenes using high-quality assets and mockups.
  • Customize with color masks for every material.


Normally, this tool sells for $24 but for a limited time only, you can get this amazing Xmas Mockup Scene Generator for just $14! That’s a 42% savings off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to start generating mockups today!

Buy Now for Only $39!

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Designing a Great Icon For Your Mobile App

Every day thousands of people browse the App Store and Play Store in search of utilities and entertainment. Behind every search and download is desire – a desire to solve a problem.

Products icons play a critical role in the process of search&download – in a world of short attention spans and many, many options, designers need to capture a users attention with just a few pixels on a tiny square canvas.

Every product needs a beautiful and memorable sign that attracts attention in the market and stands out on the home screen. Below you can see a few examples created by Fireart Studio.

But what exactly do you do if you need to design an icon for a mobile app that your users will notice and remember? Let’s take a look at some of the best principles of mobile app icon design.


Clarity is an essential characteristic of a great interface. A pictogram is the first opportunity to communicate, at a glance, a product’s purpose. When they are unclear, there’s a high risk of confusion – when people are unable to correctly identify what a pictogram is supposed to represent, it just won’t work for them.


  • Symbolism is key. People often associate pictograms with specific objects or actions based on previous experience. For example, in the Western world, the symbol of an envelope is commonly used to represent mail – both in digital and in physical spaces. It’s possible to use such associations to create potent visual signifiers for users.
  • Check competitors. If you have a hard time finding ideas on how to design a mobile application icon, take inspiration from products in your niche. Your competitors have probably already found the most obvious way to represent the primary function of a product.
  • Deconstruct user’s preferences. When designing any visual element, it’s important to consider what your target audience like or don’t like it. If you can conduct user testing, you can ask users directly by showing them different options. Try out several variations of your design to find the one users like the most.


We should design a mobile app icon to make it crystal clear on every screen resolution.


  • Avoid fancy graphics effects. Don’t include photographic details, 3D perspectives and drop shadows because they are hard to discern at a small screen.
  • Don’t use a lot of details. While on larger displays you have enough real estate to show large graphics and impressive visual effects, on a small screen such elements can become blurry.
  • Avoid using words. There’s no need to include promo words like “Free” or a product’s name. Use words only when they’re essential or part of a logo.

This icon isn’t legible – how it looks on home screen and Notification Center.

  • Check against a variety of backgrounds. While you can’t predict what wallpaper users will choose for their home screen, you still should check that your design works for edge cases – check your icon against a pure black, utterly white and colored backgrounds.
  • Test on real devices. What looks good on a desktop screen might not be so good on mobile, so testing on a real device is essential.


Memorability is about making something that stands out. If it stands out, it has a better chance of being noticed by users.


  • Complexity is the enemy of memorability. The more details you add, the less recognizable the object you design will be. Try removing elements until the concept starts to deteriorate.
  • Test your icon on the screen. Do a quick test to figure out if the image stands out on the screen – just place it on a grid of pictograms, and you’ll see whether or not it stands out.

The 1Password icon has great recognizability.


Think of your pictogram design as an extension of what your product is all about. It’s possible to create a connection between this small graphics object and entire experience – both logical connection (convey the meaning) and visual relationship (colors, textures, idea).

Tip: One way to ensure consistency is to use a styleguide (for example, to keep the color palette of your interface and icon in line).

Clear has a similar color scheme for both icon and interface.

Platform Recommendations

Just like any other GUI part, pictograms require following platform conventions. Consider iOS Human Interface Guidelines if you want to create a graphical symbol for iOS and Material Design guidelines for Android products.


Without any doubt, it’s possible to tell a great story in a wonderfully restricted canvas. Take the time to design beautiful and engaging graphics that perfectly represents your product’s purpose.

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